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The life of our members in many countries around the world is changing drastically. We’re physically distanced from our favorite people, we’re avoiding our favorite public places, and many of us are financially strained or out of work. Over the next few months Vala will be sharing the true stories of people in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Families. Doctors. Pharmacists. Politicians — Everyday people.

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Craig, 36 - GP from London

This has been incredibly tough...

We've never experienced anything quite on this scale before. Everyday we spoke to someone scared, anxious and worried about what it all means.

Jade, 20 - Student from Manchester

I've honestly never felt so sick before.

I feel really lucky because I understand I have youth and fitness on my side. I'll be OK, but it really was a horrible sensation.

I wanted to share my story because I felt like it might give other people my age some strength.

Sarah and Jamie - Business Owners from Bristol

We've felt our well-being eroded because of the stress of shutting down the bar.

But the community came together and rallied around us. They encouraged us to persevere, so now we're doing home-delivery instead. It's lifted us up.

Pete, 40 - CEO Vala Health from London

I've been speaking to the medical team on an hourly basis.

The stories we're hearing from across our membership are truly astonishing. We're helping an incredible amount of people through a really dark time.

I want more people to share their story with us because I really think it could help.

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At our heart we are a family-led service, caring for real people. We believe every story is an opportunity to share an alternative coping mechanism, or a new feeling, or a different perspective.

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