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Smart-Cover has been protecting its clients since 1993 and with over twenty five years market experience, they recognise that nothing is more important than your peace of mind.

Smart-Cover has partnered with Vala to give their customers robust health cover, and deliver that peace of mind.

From early in the morning, at lunchtimes, in the evenings and at weekends. From home, the office or while working abroad. Vala doctors are here when you need to speak to a qualified medical professional.


In order to get the benefit of your Vala health cover, you will need a Smart-Cover policy. If you already have a policy, .

Your secure profile (or EMR; Electronic Member Record), is where our doctors will be able to access your details, past notes and store any new appointment notes. Creating this profile will not affect your relationship with the NHS in any way.

Sign-up at Smart-Cover for an invite. Once you have completed your registration, and activated your account from the invite email you will have full access to our team of online GPs and health experts.

As a Smart-Cover policy holder you will not be charged on Vala when you book an appointment with our GPs. However, you will be charged for any medical prescriptions or letters.

Book an appointment

We are available from the early morning to late in the evening and at weekends.

When you book an appointment you can request a specialist, or even re-book with the same doctor from a previous appointment.

There will be no charge for appointments with our team, and there are no limits on the number of appointments you can book. However, we do have a fair-book policy, and you may be excluded if we feel you are overusing, or becoming too reliant on our team.

Connect to your Vala doctor

When it's time for your appointment, log in to Vala to begin your consultation, or click on the consultation link we send in your booking confirmation email.

Alternatively, if you have booked a telephone consultation, a clinician will ring you at the time of your appointment.

During the appointment

There is no limit to the number of problems we can discuss and because we don’t like to rush things, you will get 20 minutes for every appointment.

We listen, understand and recommend the best next steps, whether that is a diagnosis, advice, tests or referrals.

We can deal with your immediate health concerns, and your long term health and wellbeing goals.

After the appointment

Once your session has ended, our doctor will follow-up with any next steps, your notes from the consultation, and any prescriptions, letters or referrals.

It is also not uncommon for our team to request a follow-up session to check on your progress.

Prescriptions and referrals

If your clinician has prescribed a course of medication, we can have a prescription delivered via our pharmacy delivery partner. You will be charged for any prescriptions and medication.

For referrals, we’ll make the necessary arrangements with your local GP or specialist and keep you up to date on progress every step of the way.

We can order and dispatch Covid-19 home-test PCR kits as part of your policy cover.

Review, record and track

Your Vala Timeline keeps a record of your consultations and you can add to this record by updating your time line with allergies, measurements, vaccinations and more. It becomes your health information in one place.

Secure and Confidential

Communication between yourself and Vala is private and secure. However, there may be certain information that we are obliged to feed back to Asurit, such as the number of appointments being booked by each policy holder.

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