Virtual Midwife - By Your Side During These Challenging Times

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Find out how a virtual midwife can guide you through the Covid pandemic, and provide support throughout your pregnancy

Being pregnant is a time of excitement and apprehension, often in equal measure. But being pregnant during the Covid-19 pandemic is an entirely unprecedented experience, with many pregnant people feeling isolated and unsupported in their journey.

At Vala, we’ve seen increased demand for a virtual midwife service amid the pandemic. That’s why we’ve partnered with the fantastic ‘Birth like a Boss’, an online clinic for pregnant people and new parents. ‘Birth like a Boss’ is a virtual midwife service, meaning you can get all the support you need, without even leaving the sofa.

Here we’ll discuss our virtual midwife service and how it can help you during your pregnancy.

I’m pregnant! Now what?

We are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful NHS pregnancy service in the UK. When you discover you’re pregnant, the first thing you should do is contact your regular GP. They will complete all the necessary paperwork to get you set up on the NHS system, so you can receive support, scans and regular midwife checks.

This is important because it ensures you are cared for properly and your health (and your developing baby’s health) is monitored throughout your pregnancy.

For most pregnant people, there are loads of questions that pop up every day. This can cover what you’re allowed to eat, how you can exercise safely, whether any symptoms are normal and what to expect as your pregnancy develops.

You may also struggle with your mental health or need support in dealing with any worries or anxieties. This is where a virtual midwife can help.

What’s a virtual midwife?

As the name suggests, a ‘virtual’ midwife provides support via digital channels, such as video calls, telephone conversations and email.  This is particularly helpful for pregnant people who need a bit of extra support and want to tailor this around their busy schedule.

Covid-19 has placed enormous pressure on our NHS and you may need additional support, or more responsive support, on top of your regular pregnancy care plan.

Our virtual midwife service includes;

  • Virtual support throughout pregnancy and early parenthood
  • Unlimited appointments with a midwife throughout your pregnancy
  • Access to research and tips based on proven medical evidence
  • Tiered support packages based on your needs

This service is suitable for anyone, whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have children. There are no fixed ‘rules’ about how we can help - we’re here for you no matter what you need.

Your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are so important, and the better you can care for yourself during pregnancy, the happier and healthier you will feel!

*“This was my 3rd Pregnancy and i felt like i now had this pregnancy thing nailed! Then covid hit and i suddenly felt very alone and isolated. *

My care provider was so busy and could not always come to me when I needed them. I joined the Pregnancy Club to give me some extra support and that’s when i came across the Birth Like a Boss Ultimate care package, it was like having my own private midwife whenever i needed her.” Sammy Lyons, Ultimate Virtual Care Package

How to get started

It’s very easy to get started on your virtual midwife journey!

Simply sign up to Vala, choose your price plan and book an appointment for a date and time that suits you. Don’t forget to choose ‘midwife’ in the list of services when you book your appointment.

Remember that our virtual midwife service is not a replacement for your NHS pregnancy care plan. You should still stay in contact with your GP and attend any check ups or midwife appointments you’re allocated throughout your pregnancy.

Our virtual midwife service is a wonderful way to gain additional help and support throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth.

Other services from Vala Health

At Vala Health, our virtual healthcare provision covers a wide range of services.

We specialise in functional medicine, meaning we’ll take a holistic approach to your healthcare. Whilst we’re able to diagnose and treat most medical conditions, we also work with patients to take a proactive approach to their health.

From understanding how to eat right, exercise and get quality sleep, to looking after your mental health and cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, we can support you to create a lifestyle that’s healthy, happy and bursting with longevity.

Book an appointment today and take charge of your healthcare!

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