Top Health Tips for WFH

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For many of us, working from home has been our reality for close to a year now, and with it many positives but also negatives. If the WFH Slump is affecting you then we have some tips to help you to regain focus and banish any remote work related stresses.

#1 Routine

Create a routine that works for you. Routine gives us structure but also boundaries, it helps us plan out our working day without it spilling into our evenings and free time. Try and make a routine with set hours, times, days and tasks so mentally you can prepare to do your job as optimally and positively as possible. 

#2 Take A Break

Take a break. Similar to creating a routine, planning in regular breaks is a great way to help you remain focused by avoiding overworking. In the traditional office environment it is unlikely that you sit at a desk and work non-stop for the duration of your day. You take breaks, you have an allocated lunch period, you go and make a drink, or you’ll sit and chat to colleagues. These small periods of respite allows your brain time to ‘recover’ before working on new tasks - so next time you go and grab a snack or find yourself having a little scroll, remind yourself that you’re allowed!

#3 Make Space

Try and make your own work space. We know that given space restraints this will be easier for some more than others, but there are huge psychological benefits from setting up an at-home ‘office space’ for you to work. By creating an office it helps you to separate the ‘being at work’ part of your day from the ‘not being at work’ part. If you work from your sofa or bedroom it can mean the line between the working day and relaxing after work time can become unclear. It also makes it difficult to mark the end of the day, as you no longer leave a physical premises to return home. By setting up a workspace, even if it’s one half of a dining table or a dressing table, it makes it easier to switch off from work when you’re done for the day. Try and remember your hours and stick to them as close as you can. 

#4 Communicate

Communicate with colleagues. One of the greatest benefits of the office environment is the collaboration and time spent with others. Whether you’re working on a project as a team, or asking for assistance on tasks you’re struggling with, it is arguably easier if you’re all in the same room. But beyond working together, spending time with your colleagues offers a feeling of support and the reassurance that you’re doing a good job. Many people have recalled feelings of paranoia about their performance and job security as a result of long-term working from home. Try and keep in touch with colleagues, work friends and management to put your mind at ease. 

#5 Drink Lots Of Water

Drink water and take supplements. If working from home burnout is creeping in then you may be finding it difficult to focus on tasks. An easy way to give your brain a quick fire boost is to make sure you’re hydrated and drinking plenty of water. If you still find yourself struggling to concentrate you can try some brain-boosting supplements. An Omega-3 tablet such as cod liver oil is packed with focus increasing fatty acids, or you could try a Nootropics supplement for a modern take on the cognitive function pill.

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