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PRESS RELEASE: Vala Wins Prestigious Emerging Telemedicine Platform 2020 Award

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We are honoured to be announced as the winners of the Global Health and Pharmaceutical Awards, 'Best Emerging Telemedicine' platform, 2020. The awards celebrate the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the health space.

The award caps off a year where Vala grew substantially, but also solidified its status as a trusted partner to individuals, businesses, insurance companies and the public sector.

When the judges looked at all the entries they were particularly impressed with our approach to cause-focused health-support. Helping people to really understand the root-causes of physical and mental ill-health, and not just treating conditions in the traditional way.

We’d like to thank all our members, partners, and supporters from 2020. It was a tough year for everybody across the world, and receiving this award is in no small-part directly linked to the faith and trust put in the entire medical team. 


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