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Important notice Regarding COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Update on Antibody Testing

On the 24th May 2020 we received the following notice from our Lab Partner TDL:

All laboratories, including TDL, who are running COVID-19 Antibody testing have been asked to pause from providing a self-collection COVID-19 Antibody service. This is because a national review is being carried out by the MHRA around the positioning of self-collected blood samples for COVID-19 Antibody testing. This review does not, therefore, impact in any way on the taking or reporting of venous samples (SST / Serum) or COVID-19 PCR (Swab) testing.

During this pause, we will not send out any more packs for self-collected COVID antibody tests but any self-collected samples for COVID Antibody tests that have been received, or have been collected by the patient and sent to the laboratory, will be reported in the normal way - and the result that is issued will include an additional comment confirming that the result is laboratory verified.

We will update you as soon as we can to confirm the outcome of the MHRA review of self-collected samples for COVID-19 Antibody testing.

We have been assured that any tests ordered before the 24th May will be fulfilled, and we can only send our apologies to anybody that was hoping to get some reassurance by being tested.

Further update:

On the 8th June 2020 the Government issued the following statement regarding Anti-Body testing kits:


At this time we are unsure when we will be able to start offering Anti-Body testing kits again.

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