Co-Videos: Lessons From a Locked-Up World

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Stories from the middle of Covid, by people fighting back

At Vala, we’re always trying to find exciting ways to inspire our community to think differently and share new ways to live a healthier, happier life. Which is why we are extremely excited to share our new live Youtube series; ‘Co-Videos’. Our CEO, Pete, will be talking to a broad range of incredible humans, doing extraordinary things, and inviting you into the conversation too.

Lives Less Ordinary

During his quest for a happy and meaningful life, Pete has met many people that stand out from the crowd. People who inspired him to think about problems in different ways. They stand out because they have a deep spark in their eyes that make them shine. Their eyes lighten up in a magic way when they do or talk about things they are passionate about. However, he also found that this spark is especially intense in people that not only love what they do but also find meaning in what they do.

Over the next eight weeks, Pete will be interviewing some of the people who he believes have sparks that shine the brightest. They will be talking live on YouTube about where they came from, what they’re doing, and what motivates them to zig when others zag.

They’ll discuss the Covid19 lockdown, what they’ve been doing with their time, and how they’ve been trying to find meaning from the new normal.

Expect candour, friendships, interesting stories, and practical advice to help create your new normal. You’ll be able to ask our guests questions live on air, and make new contacts in the live chat stream during the interviews.

Episode 1 - Babbling with Ian, Ruth and Claire

Apr 28: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

Ian and Ruth are musicians with years of experience in running and hosting events — however, in 2018 he decided to start a business with a slightly different audience. Babble Talks has been creating exclusive talks for new parents that aren’t about babies. A company with a focus on keeping new parents feeling like their old selves and hanging on to the identifies they had before they became mums and dads.

In this first episode of Co-Videos, we’ll be talking about what new parents need to do to stay sane during the lockdown. How Ian has been pivoting Babble to keep it fresh and relevant. Some highlights from his favourite guests and speaker — and we’ll also find out more about the motivations that drove him to set up Babble.

We’ll also be joined by senior physician associate, Claire Alajooz, who had the joy of treating Captain Tom Moore.

@BabbleTalks // PAClaireHey

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Episode 2 - Being Better Humans with Emma Lawton

May 6: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

You won’t find many people more inspiring than Emma. Diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s Disease aged just 29, Emma has made it her mission to raise awareness of Parkinson’s, leading her to win numerous campaigning awards and be part of BBC Two’s Big Life Fix.

She’s now on a mission to bring people closer together with her new company ‘More Human’… she’s also an excellent stand-up comedian, so there’s never a dull moment when we chat with her.

@Ems_Lawton // @MoreHumanTweets

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Episode 3 - Changing the narrative of mental health with Silja and Rob

May 13: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

It’s a double whammy this week… two of the most inspiring social entrepreneurs we know. Silja is a former model turned professional psychologist. She’s built various companies focused on improving the health and wellbeing of people, and is now the CEO of eQuoo - a game designed to create emotional fitness.

Rob is the CEO of Inside-Out and is on a mission to smash the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace. His Inside-Out leaderboard has encouraged business leaders to come out of the shadows and talk openly about their mental health to let their staff know that’s it’s ok not to be ok.

Expect some candid, fun, bubbly, chat about our mental health during the lockdown — some useful tips for staying safe and mentally well. We might even tease out a few surprise stories from Rob and Silja about their past lives.

@SiljaLitvin // @Rob_InsideOut

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Episode 4 - Vegan Adventures with the plant-based queen, Heather Mills

May 20: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

Heather Mills is an English former model, media personality, businesswoman and activist. She’s also one of the most hardworking and determined entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. Dedicated and focused on clean-living and solving the environmental crisis through a plant-based diet, there’s never a dull moment chatting with Heather.

So you think you know this Geordie lass? Think again. In this episode, Pete and Heather will be chatting about all things Covid, solving the worlds biggest problems with Vegan cheese, and we might even get a few amusing tales from a life-less-ordinary.

@heatherofficial // @VBitesFoods

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Episode 5 - Jonny Benjamin MBE 

May 27: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

Jonny is an award-winning mental health campaigner, film producer, public speaker, writer and vlogger.

At the age of 20 he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar, and later began making films on YouTube about the condition that have been watched by millions of people.

Jonny now speaks publicly about living with mental illness and has written articles and given various interviews on TV, Radio and in print around the world to help educate and break stigma. He has also produced and presented documentaries on BBC Three and Channel 4 on the subjects of mental health and suicide.

Episode 6 - Rohan Kallicharan

June 3: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

Rohan has lived with mental health for many years. He has struggled with manic depressive episodes and tried to take his life on a number of occasions. Thankfully one day he decided to make positive changes, in desperation to change the spiralling decline in his personal life and to help him become healthier.

He lost over seven stone and discovered a passion for running; he ran his first marathon and never looked back; his new found love of fitness has also helped him live with mental health issues drug free.

Rohan is an ambassador for Mind, the mental health charity, a marathon runner (36 marathons as of May 2020) and Head of Talent Acquisition for Benevolent Ai.

Episode 7 - Announced Soon

June 10: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

Episode 8 - Jo Shiner

June 17: 07:30 PM > 8:30 PM

Jo is the Deputy Chief Constable for Sussex Police. 

Her career in the police spans almost 26 years, during which time she has undertaken a wide variety of roles. These have mainly been operational, in uniform and as a detective within the Child and Adult Protection arena, in CID and as a firearms and critical incident commander for over 15 years. 

Most of her time has been served in Norfolk, with the last four years in Kent.

Outside of work, Jo sits as a Trustee for the charity Embrace (Child Victims of Crime) and is a keen sportswoman, raising money for various charities through her participation in sporting events; she is also the proud owner of a very exuberant rescued Mountain dog, Rocky.

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