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The future of healthcare is being shaped by technological advances. The most successful new technologies are those that have been designed with people in mind.

Almost every industry, from entertainment to engineering, has been totally transformed by rapid advancements in technology in recent years. Cars are no longer just for driving and mobile phones do far more than just make calls. Traditional timesheets for contractors have been replaced by digital time tracking. And some people can even control their shower using their mobile phone! Advanced technology, that was once the stuff of dreams, is now at our fingertips. 

With the touch of a button we can instantly get information about almost anything and anyone. 

Those behind new technologies are constantly looking for ways to improve traditional processes that are timely and costly. And healthcare, like almost every other sector, is beginning to catch on.  

We’re more informed and interested in our health than ever before. Wearable technology like the Fitbit helps us track our fitness levels and take control of improving our overall health. Augmented Reality goggles allow surgeons to ‘see inside’ their patients’ bodies using data from scans - surgery is sure to become safer and less invasive as a result. Mobile apps are favoured by doctors and surgeons to keep track of their schedules and become more efficient, so they can treat more patients. We’re living longer and feeling better, thanks to technology. The future of healthcare, like so many other sectors, is being shaped by technological advances. 

Technology with a purpose

Think about the devices you use day to day - your phone, laptop, television, smart watch. Then consider the larger scale technology you’re exposed to - supermarket self checkouts, passport scanners in airports, even NFC card readers in train and tube stations. All of this incredible technology has one thing in common. People.

Every piece of technology we use unconsciously each day has been designed with people in mind. Whether the goal is to save time, improve efficiency or simply make life more enjoyable - companies who design stuff that proves successful have a ‘people focus’. In other words, humans lead the technology and not the other way round.

In the healthcare sector, technology companies are looking at ways of improving quality of care, experience and outcomes for patients. This process involves understanding where the key pain points exist today and then utilising new technologies to try and solve them. It’s a simple approach, but it’s set to completely revolutionise the face of healthcare as we know it.

How will healthcare technology help me?

Virtual GP services like Vala provide on-demand healthcare for everyone that needs it, exactly when they need it. While the technology that powers these services is pretty impressive, the real value is that they genuinely help people get better quicker. 

Faster access to healthcare services + a user friendly environment = better outcomes.

Vala is easy to use - you simply register on the website, click a couple of buttons to book an appointment and then speak to one of our GPs. The doctor you speak to will have access to the medical history you have provided, or pervious sessions, so they’ll be aware of any pre-existing conditions you might have.

Technology means lower costs

Technology already helps us save money on our utility bills and phone contracts. We can manage our finances through intuitive mobile apps and online budgeting tools. So, naturally, we can expect to see technology begin to lower costs in the healthcare space too. 

The cost of a private GP appointment in the UK through Bupa is £70 for a single 15 minute slot. 

Vala costs £15 per month for unlimited GP appointments throughout the year. Companies like Vala will reduce the need for patients to spend large sums of money on Private healthcare when they can’t get an appointment with their regular GP.

The future of healthcare is here

Within the healthcare industry, more and more doctors, specialists and surgeons are realising the potential of using technology to help them work better, faster and more successfully. But up until recently, patients didn’t have any way of harnessing technology to do the same for them. 

This is changing. Finally, patients like you will have full control of your healthcare. In addition to giving you access to on-demand healthcare services, apps like Vala will also prove valuable as proactive health tools. You’ll be able to seek advice on diet, exercise, family planning and even travel health - all online.

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