How To Get A GP Appointment Over Christmas

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Skip the queues and get A GP Appointment over Christmas with the nifty online GP service from Vala. From as little as £15 per month.

As coined by Andy Williams in his timeless 1963 hit, Christmas is “The most wonderful time of the year”. While almost every aspect of Christmas is indeed ‘wonderful’, it is certainly the ‘worst’ time of the year for anyone trying to get a GP appointment. Booking a GP appointment over Christmas can be more challenging than squeezing into your once snugly fitting jeans after the festivities come to a close.

Most GP practices close for the festive period. Some do offer a skeleton service but this is generally just for high priority or urgent cases. So, if you need to see a doctor over Christmas, you may end up visiting your local A&E and waiting in the queue for what feels like days…not ideal, when instead you should be engaging in a furious battle of trivial pursuit with the family.

The good news is that there is now a way of getting a GP appointment over Christmas that doesn’t even require you to leave the sofa! Using Vala you can speak to a doctor, get a diagnosis and receive a prescription online or over the phone. You can even book a GP appointment on the same day that you register!

Vala can also be used anywhere in the world. So, if you’re lucky enough to be spending your Christmas on a far-flung tropical island and someone in your family falls ill, you can register and book a GP appointment in minutes.

Fully qualified and experienced GPs are on hand to discuss any concerns you have and will provide insight and advice on the best treatment for you. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or sudden illness, or need help with a pre-existing condition, you’ll be able to get the help you need, right away.

Use Vala to book a GP appointment over Christmas for any concerns, including:

  • General Health: Non-emergency health problems. Get expert advice, referrals for tests and specialist reviews, or a prescription for any medication you need
  • Mental Health: Christmas can be a tough time for many of us. Trained Counsellors and psychotherapists can help if you’re feeling low, depressed, or struggling with anxiety
  • Physical Fitness: Bad back from lifting too many Christmas shopping bags? Get expert care from a trained physiotherapist so you can enjoy a pain-free Christmas
  • Travel Health: Before you travel abroad over Christmas, get region-specific health advice, malaria prophylaxis, antibiotics or any vaccines you may need
  • Diet and Nutrition: If you’ve overdone it on the turkey and tipples, speak to a dietitian and they’ll help you build a personalised health plan for the New Year

Getting to your GP appointment over Christmas

If anyone in your family has mobility issues, it can be difficult reaching a GP at the best of times, let alone at Christmas! Speaking to a GP over the phone or online means your family member will be listened to, given a diagnosis and prescribed any medication - without leaving the house.

Unlike other providers, GP appointments booked through Vala have no time limit. And, you won’t need to argue with a surly receptionist (who seems immune to the Christmas spirit) to convince her that you’re actually ill. The doctor will give you as long as you need to talk about your symptoms. They’ll make sure they understand the full picture before advising on the right treatment for you. Their main objective is to help you feel better, so you can get back to enjoying your Christmas!

How to use Vala to book a GP appointment during the Christmas period in 3 easy steps

Booking a GP appointment over Christmas is really simple with Vala.

  1. The first step is to register. You’ll need to include a few pieces of information and verify your account for security purposes.
  2. Next, you can go ahead and book an appointment with a GP who specialises in the condition or illness you need to treat.
  3. Once your appointment is booked, you can log in to Vala to start your consultation. Or, click on the video consultation link in your email confirmation message. If you’ve booked a telephone consultation, a clinician will ring you at the time of your appointment.

If you’ve been prescribed a course of medication, your prescription can be sent to a pharmacy near you. Referrals will be made with your local GP or specialist.

Is it expensive to book a GP appointment over Christmas with Vala?

Not at all! A Vala membership costs as little as £15 per month, or you can pay per appointment if you’d prefer.

Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to book an appointment with a GP from anywhere in the world, at Christmas and all year round. You can login to Vala from your phone, tablet or PC and all of your information and appointment notes will be saved securely.

You’ve had your appointment, what next?

After your appointment, the most important next step is to relax, get some rest and enjoy your Christmas! To find out more about booking a GP appointment over Christmas, get in touch with us. Or, register now to get started!

Vala is fully accredited and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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