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PRESS RELEASE: Vala Wins Prestigious Emerging Telemedicine Platform 2020 Award

We are honoured to be announced as the winners of the Global Health and Pharmaceutical Awards, 'Best Emerging Telemedicine' platform, 2020. The awards celebrate the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the health space.

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What is the difference between integrative and functional medicine?

Here we explore the similarities and differences between integrative and functional medicine.

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New coronavirus variant: What do we know?

The rapid spread of a new variant of coronavirus has been blamed for the introduction of strict tier four mixing rules for millions of people, harsher restrictions on mixing at Christmas in England, Scotland and Wales, and other countries placing the UK on a travel ban.

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What are the current coronavirus rules about Christmas in the UK?

During that period families will be able to form larger Christmas support bubbles of between up to three households. But what does this mean, and what are the risks?

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Why Businesses Need To Be Proactive, Not Reactive with Healthcare

In 2020 the working practises of all industries shifted because of Covid-19. In some cases for the better, in some cases throwing the methods of work into complete chaos.

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The importance of sleep and how to get it

We discuss the impact of sleep on your body and mind, with tips on how to get a better night’s rest

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Why prevention is better than cure when it comes to your health

Most of us contact our GP when something is wrong. That pain, cough, lump or bump that won’t go away or is affecting your daily life? Time to ring the doctor. But what if you could take a step back and speak to your GP before anything goes wrong?

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The Top 10 Most Googled Health Questions That Aren't About Coronavirus

Taking a peek at the most Googled health-related questions from the last year gives us a window into the health questions of interest. So without further ado, here are each of these questions and some answers.

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Best therapy apps for managing your mental health at home

From AI therapists to platforms that let you video-chat with a professional counsellor, these are the best apps to add to your mental health toolkit.

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COVID-19 will probably become endemic – here’s what that means

We can’t say with any certainty what the future of COVID-19 is. But based on our experience with other infections, there is little reason to believe that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will go away any time soon, even when vaccines become available. A more realistic scenario is that it will be added to the (large and growing) family of infectious diseases that are what is known as “endemic” in the human population.

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