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Ryan-Jon Noble

Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

Ryan-Jon is a strength, fat loss and lifestyle coach and personal trainer with 11 years experience working in London, Sydney and Los Angeles. He is committed to empowering individuals to lead a healthier, fitter and more fulfilling life. He has a passion for teaching skills that form the building blocks for sustainable change. Ryan-Jon helps his clients achieve goals including optimum athletic performance, muscle growth, peak fitness, fat loss, and a sense of achievement and overall wellness. He tailors each plan to the individual, taking into account both individual goals and scientific research.

Ryan-Jon is dedicated to helping his clients without a reliance on fad diets, detoxes, fancy work-out routines or unsustainable lifestyles. His goal is always to help his clients make changes to allow them to progress long after their coaching has ended, while living a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.


  • Behavioural change
  • Weight loss
  • Sports nutrition and training

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