API Integration

Integrating us, into you

We've created the Vala platform as a suite of APIs to make it easier to put Healthcare where your audience already are.

In the future APIs will allow a true Internet of Things experience where our members, and your audience can use a device like a blood pressure cuff or glucose meter, allowing them to transfer the data into their medical record and other places with ease.

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The Need

Vala has been built as a platform which connects all the stakeholders within the healthcare process to improve the efficiency of the entire care process.

We understand that a lot of the time businesses want healthcare where staff and customers are, not where we are.

Our APIs are the digital connectors in today’s platform-centric business world.

Appointment Scheduling

The power to schedule an appointment, deliver appointment reminder alerts, check open slots for appointments, update, cancel, or reschedule appointments from your own app or service.

Bringing Clinical Expertise To You

Wherever your audience book an appointment, they'll always end up speaking to one of our qualified and professional clinicians.

It's like having your very own team of doctors to call upon, on-demand, whenever someone needs support.

The Future Is Decentralised

We've always believed in the value of getting primary care out of bricks and mortar, but also out of our own portal.

The true value of healthcare on-demand, for your staff or audience, lies in our talent, but inside your own systems.

Future Planning

We're continously investing in our suite of APIs, looking for new, innovative ways to enhance them, and your audience experience.

In the future you'll be able to tap APIs for IOT and Wearables, and use our Analytics to give your business feedback on usage and utilisation.

Affordable Healthcare Integration

We've designed our integration to be cost effective, and managable.

You'll be charged an initial set-up cost to access our APIs. Then a small annual-fee for continued updates and upgrades. We'll then charge you a reduced cost-per-appointment after each engagement with our team.

Safe and Secure

Communication with the Vala APIs is private and secure. We've tested our system to the highest standards.

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