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Smarter telemedicine.

We were founded on the idea that healthcare should be democratised and that ecosystems using APIs have the potential to deliver a personalised and integrated experience to consumers, enhance provider productivity, engage formal and informal caregivers, and improve outcomes and affordability.

Ecosystems are built on three layers: infrastructure, intelligence, and engagement. The infrastructure layer is foundational, composed of effective data capture, curation, management, storage, and interoperability to create a common data set upon which the ecosystem can operate. Built on top of the infrastructure layer is the intelligence layer, which converts data elements to consumable and actionable insights. Finally, bringing an ecosystem to life also requires a robust engagement layer, enabled by the infrastructure and intelligence layers, to effectively curate an end-to-end experience for suppliers who provide services and offerings to patients. Components of these layers can be built, bought, partnered, or vended by ecosystem curators and participants.

We're using all these drivers to move us towards one goal: Salutogenic, functional healthcare.

Rated 'Good' By CQC

Vala is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulator of NHS and private medical providers in the UK. Our Provider ID is 1-1510059483. Our doctors are UK-trained and registered with and regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC). Our Physician Associates are UK or US-trained and registered with and regulated by the Faculty of Physician Associates at the Royal College of Physicians.

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