Skin Disorders

An alternative to traditional medication-led treatment.

Approaching Skin Disorders differently

An alternative to traditional medication-led treatment.

As the biggest biological structure of the human body, the skin is a dynamic organ that reflects a patient's health and nutrition status. Tests of the skin are a primary line of defense against melanoma, but cancer is not the only disease revealed on the skin; nutrient deficiencies in omega-3s, protein, and vitamins A, B, C, and E may also appear. Dry skin may signify a vitamin deficiency; follicular hyperkeratosis, and can indicate a vitamin A deficiency.

Vala clinicians also look for clues in the skin when evaluating internal disease. So it’s no surprise that oftentimes treating the skin means uncovering and treating root causes of inflammation, imbalance and nutrient deficiencies.

Deficiency of other things, like vitamins B, C, and E, calories, and essential fatty acids, have also been associated with phrynoderma.

Within the past several decades, there has been an increase of new information about the pathophysiology of skin ailments. Researchers have started to analyze the complex interplay between the skin, the immune system, and the environment; nourishment as early as the prenatal period can influence the priming of other immune cells. Probiotics are showing promise as a therapeutic alternative for patients older than one year for atopic dermatitis and high glycemic foods could have a strong influence on the teenage acne inhabitants. Further, topical vitamin C was demonstrated to have a wide selection of clinical programs for your skin, from antiaging and antipigmentary into photoprotective.

The functional medicine approach for chronic skin conditions helps maintain healthy skin without allowing an individual to spend much fortune on conventional approaches and it gives you an added bonus of negligible side effects.

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