Autoimmune Diseases

An alternative to traditional medication-led treatment.

We treat autoimmune diseases differently than conventional medicine

An alternative to traditional medication-led treatment.

A functional medicine doctor treats autoimmune disease differently than conventional medicine. Instead of only using medications to manipulate the immune system and mask the symptoms, we are focused on getting to the root cause and helping analyse your process of autoimmunity.

There are several common things that trigger autoimmune conditions (regardless of which condition you may have). It may be easier than you think to discover which ones are making you feel so bad.

The five most common root causes are:

  • A Leaky Gut or Intestinal Permeability
  • Exposures to Toxins
  • Chronic Infections
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Stress

And, although medications may be a necessary and important part of your treatment plan, they’re not the only solution for helping you feel your best.

Functional medicine is focused heavily on each individual’s food and lifestyle intervention needs. But it also places great emphasis on whole-person healing and addresses your spiritual and emotional health as well.

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