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I’m interested in using Vala as a benefit for my staff. What can you offer?

Please contact us at We can work with you to develop a completely bespoke service for your organisation. This could include unlimited virtual (video, phone, or chat) appointments with our clinicians, as well as in person appointments in your organisation. We are able to work with your budget and the unique goals of your organisation.

What makes Vala different?

At Vala, our approach is very different to most private GP practices. Rather than waiting for illness to arise, we actively engage with our clients to help them define their own health priorities (including but not limited to weight loss, cholesterol reduction, back pain, depression, and anxiety, and sleep improvement). We then use our multidisciplinary team of GPs and physician associates, as well as dietitians, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and personal trainers to help drive real, lasting change.

Evidence shows that our holistic approach is effective not only in reducing employee absenteeism due to ill health, but also in improving employee retention, attracting talent, and increasing employee productivity.

Unlike a traditional GP model, most of what we do is virtual. This means that employees can access healthcare from their desks, at times convenient to their schedules, causing less disruption to your organization and greater convenience for your staff.

Imagine this: a staff member needs a new asthma inhaler. Rather than take time off work to attend her GP’s surgery, she can take just 20 minutes at any time during the day to meet one of our clinicians online, and an inhaler can be delivered to her desk by the end of the working day.

If a staff member needs an in person appointment, we can take care of that, too. We can come to you and offer appointments at your organization, freeing up time that your staff would otherwise spend travelling to a GP surgery.

A third benefit is the way we use data. We believe that patients should have the same access as healthcare providers to their own health information, and we openly share records with them. At organizations, we can take this further and use non-identifiable, anonymized data to help address any health priorities at your organization more generally: for instance, if we identify that many employees are experiencing high levels of anxiety, we can help develop stress management programs that are bespoke to your organization.

We are a new, ambitious team of clinicians and we greatly value corporate clients. This is why we will do everything we can to make sure that we exceed your expectations. Find more information about what we can offer corporate clients here.

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