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PCR Testing

Have I got Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Data last updated: 10 Aug 2020

Have I got Covid?

Testing is critical to controlling coronavirus and eventually easing restrictions that have halted daily life for many people.

We are currently only able to offer PCR (do I have it) tests via our lab partner.

There are currently two types of Covid-19 test:

  • PCR: Tells you if you have an active coronavirus infection, whether you have symptoms or not. It is called a PCR Test.
  • Antibody: Checks to see if you were previously infected at some point and fought it off.

Vala partner with The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) to offer our PCR tests. TDL is a medically-led laboratory that was established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.

About PCR Testing

  • Tests whether you have Covid-19 or not.
  • This is a swab test, not a blood test.
  • Lab results in 2-3 working days (upon receipt of test by laboratory).
  • Test is for 16 years and older.
  • Royal Mail next day tracked delivery.

1 Consultation

During the initial consultation we will take your details, confirm you qualify for a test, and fill out the lab referral. It should last no longer than 10 minutes.

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Book Appointment

2 Pay + Test

You will need to pay a cost-price fee for the test. Our doctor will send you a link back to this page to make the payment using the button below.

We don't make any profit on our tests, the fee covers the lab processing, and shipping costs only.

When the test arrives from TDL, follow the simple instructions and post the sample back to TDL in the pre-paid packaging. It should take between 2 and 4 days to process.

3 Receive Results

Your results will be returned to our Vala GPs, who will contact you to book an appointment to discuss the results.

If your test comes back positive we'll discuss the steps you can take to keep yourself safe and well.

Please note: In accordance with our strict data-privacy policies, your information will be passed to TDL for the purposes of order and distribution, and will never be used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Terms and Conditions

  • Tests are performed in a London-based laboratory and in no way affects PHE's ability to test NHS or other front line staff.
  • As per the government guidance; if you do think you might have Coronavirus, please keep yourself isolated until test results come back to discuss.
  • Test kits usually arrive within 1-3 working days after you have placed the order and are delivered by Royal Mail. However, Royal Mail are experiencing some delays so it may take longer for your test kit to arrive.
  • All coronavirus tests are non-refundable.
  • You should continue to follow the latest government guidelines even if you test negative. A negative test does NOT mean you are immune (protected against the virus) and there is a possibility that you may contract it later down the line. You may wish to consider further testing if you develop new symptoms or are concerned.
  • This Covid-19 PCR test is highly accurate at 99.9%. However, if the swab is taken inaccurately, it may return an negative result even if you have the virus.
  • A positive result does not tell you whether you are safe to return to work.
  • A positive result won't tell you that you can't get it again or that you won't be infecting others.
  • Only c5% of people with mild infections are developing an immune response. The other c95% of people have had the infection but it won't show up on some tests. The tests are only c100% accurate for c5% of people.
  • Vala does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the results provided by the laboratory.

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