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Data last updated: 14 September 2021

How are you feeling?

We've been keeping in touch with our community throughout lockdown checking on how people are feeling.

Should offices remain open?

Date of Poll: 15th September 2020

It's a debate that has rumbled away with many arguments for and against. But we wanted to know your opinion?

Do you think offices should remain open?

Going out over Bank Holiday

Date of Poll: 29th August 2020

The more relaxed guidelines in the UK allow people to travel to outdoor open space 'irrespective of distance', take as much outdoor exercise as they wish and they can sit outside, have a picnic or sunbathe. As well as go to bars and restaurants.

Will you be going out over the Bank Holiday?

Getting Healthier

Date of Poll: 20th August 2020

For some time now, many of us been spending a whole lot more time indoors. Our sense of normalcy has totally changed. One coping mechanism many of us seem to be pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

As the government campaigns for a healthier Britain, we wanted to get peoples opinions.

Visiting a Gym

Date of Poll: 15th August 2020

Gyms are one of a growing number of businesses that are scheduled to reopen their doors on July 25 and, for some gym bunnies, it couldn't happen soon enough.

We wanted to know if people had visited a Gym since they re-opened in August?

Travelling Abroad

Date of Poll: 5th August 2020

Travelling abroad is a key part of our culture, and way of life.

We wanted to know if people were planning on taking a flight overseas in the near future.

Wearing a Face-Coverings

Date of Poll: 10th July 2020

Would everyone wearing face masks help us slow the pandemic? Our doctors think it’s a perfectly good public health intervention that is not to protect yourself, it’s to protect people against the droplets coming out of your respiratory tract.

We asked 70 people from our community if wearing a face-covering was an issue for them.

Lockdown Easing

Date of Poll: 20th June 2020

Daily deaths are still high, causing some people to fear the lockdown is being lifted too quickly. But how early is too early?

We asked 150 people from our community if they were concerned that easing Covid19 lockdown early in the U.K would create a second, premature spike.

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