CovGuard Premium testing ensures you travel, arrive and get back to work quickly confidently and conveniently.

CovGuard has partnered with Vala to provide a qualified health professional online to supervise its testing services.

Steps for getting a test approved and a certificate issued

Covguards pre-departure Covid-19 rapid antigen test overseen by a Vala health professional provides official certified results in less than an hour after your appointment.

  1. Buy your Lateral Flow test from the Covguard Website here. Select Test type 'Pre-departure test for vaccinated'.
  2. Register and book your appointment with a Vala health professional well ahead of your departure using the code 'covguard1' on the booking form to get your appontment for free.
  3. Make sure you arrange the consultation in the correct timeframe so that your certificate will be accepted.
  4. Follow the health professionals instructions on how to take the test and process your result.
  5. We will email you with your certificate as soon as your official results are available.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Full Covguard terms and conditions are available here.
  • To travel you will need to take a Covid-19 test at least 72 hours prior to your travel to the UK. The test is overseen via video call by a Vala health professional and your result will be readable in just 20 minutes. It is then verified by a Vala health professional to give official results in just an hour.
  • Vala are not responsible for the Lateral Flow Tests provided by Covguard.
  • Vala reserves the right to refuse to issue a certificate if the result is not conclusive or the health professional does not agree that the test was taken appropriately.
  • Vala aims to get the certificate issued within one-hour of the negative test being verfied. At peak times this may take longer.

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