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Co-videos: Lessons from a locked-up world

Fascinating people, telling us about their experience in lock-down. Real stories. Inspirational wisdom.

Episode 4 - Vegan adventures with the queen of plant-based consumption, Heather Mills

Heather Mills is a woman who has encountered an unusual life of extraordinary circumstances. A woman that has an inert ability to defy and conquer anything that falls in her path.

Heather has managed to push through incredible boundaries to become a very successful Entrepreneur, Charity Campaigner, World Record Holder and Paralympic Ski Racer, amongst many other things.

One of Heather’s most successful businesses to date is her multi award winning plant based vegan ethical food company, VBites. VBites not only exports to over 24 countries worldwide, but it generates global online sales and has over 130 meat free, fish free and dairy free products in its range.

We sat down and covered so much fertile ground with Heather. From using diet to treat health conditions, and algae for mental health support.

Episode 3 - Changing the narrative around mental health with Silja and Rob

Silja Litvin is a remarkable woman in the world of STEAM. A former model, she gave up that lavish career to become a psychologist. Silja has a passion for helping those who suffer from mental illnesses. This passion is what prompted her to create and serve as founder of eQuoo - an emotional fitness game to help people identify and self-manage mental issues.

Rob Stephenson is the Founder of the InsideOut LeaderBoard. He's also an epic human trying to change the narrative around mental health in the workplace.

We chatted about how Lock-down is affecting peoples mental health, and what we can be doing to nurture our well-being.

Episode 2 - Being Better Humans with Emma Lawton

Emma Lawton is the co-founder of of More Human, a #techforgood #startup helping #communities flourish.

Emma was diagnosed with Parkinson's when she was 29 and has an extraordinary story and amount of courage and positivity.

Episode 1 - Keeping new parents sane during the lock-down

Babble Talks is the event for all new parents who are looking for something to stimulate their minds.

In this episode we meet the founders of Babble and talk about how parents need stimulation to keep them sane during this strange time, and also hear some of the stories from their favourite Babble Talk speakers.

We were also joined by one of our medical team, Claire Alajooz.

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