Wellness assessments

Supporting the long-term wellbeing of

Confidential wellness assessments and tailored plans for your employees providing them with a detailed analysis of how to improve their health.

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. When your workforce are healthy, they will be engaged and productive, but also importantly, by offering this kind of benefit to your workforce, they will feel appreciated and valued which can help to reduce staff turnover.

Also, by giving employees quick and easy access to healthcare and prescriptions, the number of sick days taken should also reduce.


We work with your team to understand how you would like us to conduct the Vala Wellness Assessments.

We can either arrange the assessments directly with your employees, or you may prefer to do that yourselves.


Your employees can book appointments with our team at a time that is appropriate for them.

They will not need to do anything before the appointment, and we will keep them informed before the appointment of what to expect.

We bring the experts

All assessments are one-to-one consultation with a Vala clinician. We start with a detailed medical history and lifestyle assessment before asking lots of questions about how someone feels, and how they would like to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Immediate feedback

Our Vala clinician provides immediate feedback at the end of the assessment.

Personalised results are sent back to the employee via their Vala timeline, and there is plenty of time to discuss any areas of risk and answer questions. Our goal is to work with each employee to reach joint decisions and build a personalised health plan.

Health reports

Each employee receives a report explaining each element of the assessment with recommendations on the next steps.

They can book follow-up video appointments with the Vala multi-disciplinary team to help reach their health goals.

Data-driven health programmes

Using the data from the health screening, the Vala team will help you develop a bespoke lifestyle health plan or start you on one of our programmes. All of the Vala programmes use evidence-based techniques to improve your health and drive change. We carry out re-assessment at the end of each programme to objectively measure change and guide performance.


Communication between each employee and Vala is private and secure. The company will not have access to employee Vala correspondence or individual records.

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