How it works

We take care of your employees so they can take care of your business.

On-demand healthcare

Give your employees access to confidential health and wellbeing advice and support over live video connection or telephone.

Help your employees sort out their immediate health issues while also helping them work towards their longer term health and wellness goals.

From early in the morning, at lunchtimes, in the evenings and at weekends. From home, the office or while working abroad. We are there when your employees need us.

Choose which Vala clinicians you would like your
employees to connect with

Choose your Vala offering

We can help guide you as to the best option for your company and your employees.

Different Vala services can be made available to different employees. You stay in control as you get to manage which employees have access to what services.

Personal Vala credits

Provide your employees with an annual budget to use in a way that best suits their needs and your business.

Pure medical support

Choose to offer pure medical support or allow your employees to access dietitians, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and fitness trainers.

Allocated credits

Choose to allocate credits to each chosen employee or aggregate credits across the organisation so those that need Vala more can use it more.

Unlimited medical expertise

Give your employees an annual subscription providing them unlimited access to medical expertise and confidential advice and support over live video connection or telephone.

Individual memberships

You may choose to offer this benefit only to your employees. Employees can then add and pay for family members themselves.

Family memberships

You may choose to offer this benefit to your employees and their family.

Company sign-up

Once your organisation has signed up to Vala, your nominated Vala Administrator can add employees to the organisation’s Vala account.

Those employees will then receive a tailored email invitation to join your organisation’s Vala account.

New joiners can be added at any time, and leavers can be easily removed from the system.

Employee registration

Once registered with Vala, your employees will have access to the services you have requested for them. They will also be able to purchase additional services should they choose to do so.

Book an appointment

Your employees are able to book appointments when they need them.

We are available from the early morning to late in the evening and at weekends.

If your organisation has opted for individual rather than family access, your employees can still add and pay for dependents themselves.

Connect for a Vala appointment

Log in to Vala to begin your consultation or click on the consultation link we sent in your email confirmation message.

Alternatively, if you have booked a telephone consultation, a clinician will ring you at the time of your appointment.

You will meet one of the Vala team. GPs, Physician Associates, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists and Personal trainers.

During the appointment

We listen, understand and recommend the best next steps, whether that is a diagnosis, advice, tests or referrals.

We can deal with your immediate health concerns, and your long term health and wellbeing goals.

We don’t like to rush

There is no limit to the number of problems we discuss and because we don’t like to rush things, we don’t limit appointments to 10 minutes.

Prescriptions and referrals

If your clinician has prescribed a course of medication, we can send the prescription to a pharmacy near you.

For referrals, we’ll make the necessary arrangements with your local GP or specialist and keep you up to date on progress every step of the way.

Review, record and track

Your Vala Timeline keeps a record of your consultations and you can add to this record by updating your time line with allergies, measurements, vaccinations and more. It becomes your health information in one place.


Communication between each employee and Vala is private and secure. The company will not have access to employee Vala correspondence or records.

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