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Setting up and administering Vala within your organisation.

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Contact Vala to discuss the best options and desired outcomes for your employees

We can meet you to provide a detailed demonstration of our services and technology and to help design the best plan for your employees.

Nominate your Vala Administrator

Once the right approach has been agreed, select who you would like to be your Vala Administrator within your company. We will send an email invite to the Vala Administrator, onboard them and provide them with introductory training.

Add employees

The Company Admin can then add (and remove) employee access to Vala. Employees will be sent a welcome email, outlining the Vala service and requesting they log in and complete the registration process.

Employees can use the service when they need

You can choose which Vala services your employees have access to. You can choose whether some or all services are covered by your company subscription, and which services employees must pay for themselves.

Monthly billing and analysis

We will arrange for monthly company account payments. We can provide anonymised statistics on total service usage within your company while ensuring patient confidentiality at all times.


Communication between each employee and Vala is private and secure. The company will not have access to individual employee Vala correspondence or records.

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