About us

Our Philosophy

We believe that healthcare should be member-directed, integrated with your whole life, and focused on optimising health.

Member-directed means just that: we empower our members to own the process of improving their own health. It’s your life, so it’s your goals and priorities that should matter. Whether you’d like to focus on reducing your cholesterol, stopping smoking, or simply feeling happier, we can help. If you’d like to lose weight, we can help you develop a training regimen with our fitness trainers and a diet plan with our dietitians. If you want to feel happier, you can take up our mindfulness meditation course and get one to one support from one of our psychotherapists. Member-directed also means that we work around your schedule: you can see a clinician on the same day, at a time that suits you, virtually via your computer or smartphone.

The principle of integration reflects the reality that our body systems don’t work in isolation, and the way we live our whole lives impacts on how our bodies work and feel. For instance, workplace stress won’t only impact your mental health: it may also increase your blood pressure, supress your immune system, reduce your motivation to exercise, and lead to poorer sleep. Therefore, we wouldn’t simply treat high blood pressure by giving you medication, we’d also focus on root causes, using the expertise and combined knowledge of our integrated multidisciplinary team.

Optimising health reflects the fact that great health isn’t simply the absence of disease, and anyone’s health could be improved. For example, you might be basically fit, but everyone could be fitter. Whether you’ve never exercised before or you’re already an accomplished runner, our fitness trainers can develop a bespoke training programme based around your own goals (including any sporting events you’ve got planned). Our dietitians can help you develop a diet plan, and our psychotherapists can help you address any mental barriers you might be facing. If you develop an injury along the way, our physiotherapists can help you with a rehabilitation plan. We help you to achieve your goals.

Who we are

Niall, Vala’s Medical Director is a GP, and Rob, Vala’s CEO, is an entrepreneur with a background in law. Shellane and Sarah, both Physician Associates, have additional education in public health. Between the families, they have four children under the age of four.

Vala was created for a simple reason: we believe that healthcare can be done better. As clinicians as well as members of busy families, we are building a healthcare company that reflects our core values and an experience that we want for ourselves and for our families.

Vala is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulator of NHS and private medical providers in the UK. Our Provider ID is 1-1510059483 and you can view our registration here. Our doctors are UK-trained and registered with and regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC). Our Physician Associates are UK or US-trained and registered with and regulated by the Faculty of Physician Associates at the Royal College of Physicians.

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